Cards of Chaos

Cards Of Chaos is a fun packed game for everyone.
Outsmart your opponents by playing the right cards at the right time.
Fill up the minigame pile to start minigames!
Win minigames for card and gold rewards!


Cards are basicly used for everything in the game! Deal damage to opponents, fill up the minigame pile, heal yourself, manipulate the dice rolls, disable opponents movements or 'cheat' yourself to the opposite of the map!


Cross-platform multiplayer

You can play offline against AI opponents or invite your friends over for a local game of fun. Or just play against your internet friends over online multiplayer!

Strategic card play

Play cards to help keep your opponents from getting their objectives fulfilled first, or play them to make yourself the winner!


Play various minigames to get rewarded with extra cards or coins. You decide the rewards by filling up the minigame pile with minigame cards!

Level Editor

Play maps created by the community or design your own map! Play it with your friends and use your own map knowledge to your advantage ;)

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